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PhotoSynergy Ltd (PSL)

PSL is a Scottish company based in St Andrews, Fife - a spin off company from the University of St Andrews. PSL has innovation at its core with a team of experienced physicists and engineers whose extensive background and experience has been gained in the research and development of leading edge technology and product creation.

LIGHTPATH- Fibre Illumination System for Challenging Subsea Environments

PSL most recent development is LIGHTPATH a patented fibre illumination system.

  • The concept is based on side-emitting optical fibre 
  • Creates a continuous and flexible line of light only
  • The product is 5mm diameter and typically 75m in length
  • Lightpath carries only light and no electrical power

This unique concept creating a continuous line of light primarily at or near the human eye peak sensitivity resulting in a non-intrusive background light until it is required in the dark.

Innovation - PSL approach is to innovate in light related systems covering a wide spectrum including subsea, marine, aquaculture, algae growth, communications  through to industrial and domestic lighting systems for way finding and escape routes in difficult or hazardous and challenging conditions.

Applications - Cover the spectrum, from domestic lighting to the extremes of challenging, hazardous and subsea environments. The systems can be left in a 24/7 ‘always on’ state with battery back-up if mains should fail and targeted 5 years use. Alternatively the system can be modulated to highlight emergency state or that system is on battery stand-by operation.

Award-winning - PhotoSynergy received the Subsea UK Innovation for Safety Award in 2014 for its significant contribution to safety.