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PhotoSynergy specialist lighting

Technology and product design

PhotoSynergy (PSL) has developed and patented a fibre illumination system called LIGHTPATHLIGHTPATH can be used for a wide range of applications from guide path illumination through to the extremes of challenging, hazardous and submerged environments. The LIGHTPATH concept is based on a side-emitting flexible fibre that creates a continuous line of light up to 75m in length. The fibre carries no electrical power, only light, and requires less than 7W.

Video Case studies

PhotoSynergy trialled the LIGHTPATH concept with Air Dive Umbilical and ROVs at The Underwater Centre.

Video 1: Loch Linnhe 


Video 2: TUC Test Tank 


Photosynergy's current standard LIGHTPATH products include: PSL3000, PSL6000, SLS5000 and SLS9000. Custom solutions can be provided.

Latest News

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