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Emergency Services Portable LIGHTPATH

A highly portable drum of light rope enables emergency crews to establish a safety guidepath or perimeter cordon of up to 150m directly at the incident scene.

The deployed system comprises of a PSL6000 Fibre Illuminator and drum of optical fibre rope. The compact illuminator module is powered by a 12V battery and is carried within range of the incident scene, and will run from batterries for up to 12 hours. Alternatively, if mains power is within range the unit may be powered indefinitely.

The illuminated flexible rope is reeled out by a crew member to quickly mark a safe entry/exit path or perimeter. The intrinsically safe fibre will operate in smoke, dust or underwater conditions and can easily be replaced if damaged during operations.

In standby mode, the illuminator module is left on charge to ensure the battery pack is ready for immediate use.

View the video clip to see the system in action.