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Subsea & Marine LIGHTPATH

Subsea air-dive umbilicals

The LIGHTPATH fibre can simply be wound into the lay of an existing umbilical to allow the retro-fit of the illumination system. Installation will typically be an hour for a 65m umbilical. When coupled to either the SLS5000 or SLS9000, the fibre presents a continuous line of light indicating the route of the umbilical. This can be from both Saturation and Wet bells. 

The increased visibility is beneficial to both the individual diver, his colleagues in the water, the Bell man and the supporting ROV pilots, who can monitor for potential umbilical snagging risks. The individual diver can be identified by the use of different illumination colours.


The LIGHTPATH can be used for numerous lighting applications in confined spaces, hand-rails, open hatches, stairs and gangways and can be deployed rapidly from a portable drum. A number of lighting options are available depending on the application and location. These include 24V DC with emergency battery back-up or stand-alone battery operation. 

Both the above applications have the option to be operated in flash mode.