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IMG_3320.JPGSLS7000 LED Fibre LIGHTPATH System

ROV support in deep water and on seabed, the SLS7000 is a new addition to the LIGHTPATH family of products. The light source has been developed by PSL to address a variety of deep water applications that has been brought to our attention by operators in the subsea industry.



With the increase in seabed operations the SLS7000 can operate to 3000m supporting work-class ROVs in improving operational efficiency. Lighting spool pipes (different colour either end to help orientation), manifold identification and sea bed mat delineation such as Deschamps Mobi Mat are some examples.



The SLS7000 is a single LED source available in green, blue or white and capable of operating to a depth of 3000m. The system requires 12-24V DC (7W) and is a sealed module with pressure relief valve built in. Power is supplied via industry standard subsea connector and the fibre interconnect is via a patented Optical Pozi-Lock. The unit can be configured to operate in flash mode which will significantly extend operational time when powered from a subsea battery by reducing the power drawn to ~1.5W.


 You can download the SLS7000 pdf here: 7000 flyer.pdf