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SLS9000 LED Fibre LIGHTPATH System

Subsea Lighting System – Multiple diver umbilical route identification, the SLS9000 is a 3 output channel version of the SLS5000 designed primarily to illuminate saturation excursion dive umbilicals for both divers and the bellman and hence 3 colours; green, blue and white.


The fibre can be easily retrofitted to existing umbilicals and at 5mm diameter is afforded significant protection from the other hoses and cables in the umbilical. Systems have been in operation in the North Sea for over 2 years. The SLS9000 can operate to a depth of 500m (50bar). The system requires 12-24V DC (typ. 20W) and is a sealed module with pressure relief valve built in. Power is supplied via industry standard subsea connector and the fibre interconnect is via a patented Optical Pozi-Lock.


The system can be supplied with 3 outs of the same colour if required. There is an option for a non-penetrating switch which has the facility for ON/OFF/Flash*. A fourth colour red is available for near surface operation or deck type applications.

The SLS9000 can be hard or flexibly mounted and connected/disconnected from power and umbilicals in <3min.

* Flash rate is 0.5sec on 2sec off.

 You can download the SLS9000 pdf here: 9000 flyer.pdf