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The Illuminated Diver Umbilical ‘LIGHTPATH’


A significant advance in safety from PhotoSynergy Ltd



The concept: To see the entire route of a dive umbilical has been identified as a significant contribution to safety. PSL have achieved this with a unique side emitting 5mm diameter fibre that carries no electrical power, only light up to 150m in length. The fibre is spirally wound into the umbilical thereby creating a flexible continuous line of light from a low power LED light source which can be either steady state or flashing.

Testing: The initial testing and evaluation took place at The Underwater Centre in Scotland, their Open Days contributed significantly in raising the profile of the illuminated umbilical concept Operational experience with LIGHTPATH has been gained in the North Sea through collaboration, support and advice from Bibby Offshore, Helix Well Ops UK Ltd and Boskalis Offshore Subsea Services operating in both Saturation and Wet Bell systems.

Feedback: The positive feed-back provided and photographic evidence of performance supports LIGHTPATH as an innovation that helps de-risk diving operations; a major industry concern. LIGHTPATH enhances safety for all parties operating in the subsea environment. This has been proven for the individual diver, his colleagues in the water and the bell-man. ROV pilots are aware of the route of the umbilical which minimises the risk of collision and helps detect cases of dive umbilicals snagging on structures. LIGHTPATH can be used to identify the individual diver through choice of light output colour: Green/Blue/White.

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